Kozhikode Calicut International Airport - Train

There is not a direct connection between Kozhikode Airport and the city center.

Kozhikode has its own rail station located at 25 km from the airport, which is at a shorter distance than the nearest bus stops from the airport.

To reach the station it is better to ride a pre-paid taxi back in the airport straight to there. The ride will take you approximately 50 minutes.

Once in the station, you will be far from Kozhikode’s downtown. Please consider to take a taxi or a rickshaw to get to the city center.

The station connects Kozhikode to major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Mangalore, among others.

Since distances in India are big, travelling by train turns to be the wisest option.

City Center to Kozhikode Airport

From downtown or the city center you should pick up any mean of transport and get to the railway station. Once there, ask for a cab to reach the airport.


To check out the fares, please see the information below:

Taxi fares

For a one-way trip from Kozhikode Airport to the city center, there is an estimated cost of Rs 400.00. The start price is of Rs 15.00.

Remember you can order a pre-paid taxi in the airport. Regarding the fares, they are prefixed based on the location.

For further information, please contact to the taxi company.